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Swiss Snow Kids Village 3-5 years

Lesson to discover they of snow ESS Veysonnaz

Suits all levels

Children's best friend at Veysonnaz Swiss Ski School

Learn with Snowli

First steps with experimented teachers ESS Veysonnaz

Private lessons beginner on Saturday from CHF 30.-

Recreative methods to make progress

Private & group lessons

Your children benefit from ski instruction and up–to-date teaching methods especially adapted to children . Our instructors strive to introduce the joys of the snow in a fun and friendly manner to ensure that their first skiing experience is both a happy and pleasurable one!


Mini-test with medal and diploma on Friday
Access to the rolling carpet
Weekly visit from Snowli in person
Drink during the break


Swiss Snow Kids Village - Prices

Half day


1 1/2 day: CHF 52.-
5 1/2 days: CHF 205.-
6 1/2 days: CHF 245.-


Day *


1 day : CHF 104.-
5 days : CHF 390.-
6 days : CHF 480.-


Day + lunch *


1 day : CHF 124.-
5 days : CHF 490.-
6 days : CHF 600.-



* Group lessons with less that 4 people can be shortened.
Afternoons and days available during high season only:
24.12.2023 - 05.01.2024 / 11.02.2024-01.03.2024

NEW - Saturday Minikids Miniprices

Private lessons for beginners 2.5-5 years (1-2 people)
Every Saturday 9.30-16.00
From 30 to 120 minutes
MP: 4-Swiss Snow Kids Village

Introductory private lesson


30 minutes: CHF 30.-
1h: CHF 55.-
1h30: CHF 80.-
2h: CHF 110.-

Saturday 9.30-16.00

How to get ready

For non-skiing parents, children can be taken into charge from the lower Mayen cable car station, in front of the Swiss Ski & Snowboard School in Veysonnaz (booking requested).

Meeting point : At the Swiss Snow Kids Village

For children from 3 - 3.5 years, half a day is probably sufficient.
Beginners can start their lessons on Sunday and Monday only.
The children must be fully equipped: skis waxed, dry ski boots, helmet, gloves and glasses, snack for the break.
They must also carry the ESS card indicating their name, address in Veysonnaz or Thyon and parents mobile phone number.

Practical Info

Meeting Points
Your Level
Tips for Parents
Useful Links
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Swiss Ski School Veysonnaz
Route de Magrappé 42
CH-1993 Veysonnaz

T. +41 27 207 21 41
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